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Pre History

World History - Prehistory
New Information

THE DENVER POST March 11, 2001

stone engraved 8000 BC; pottery from 7000 BC
A researcher believes dancing was recorded 9000 years ago. Left: Stone from Turkey engraved in the seventh millennium BC. Right: Painted pottery from the sixth millennium BC found in Iran.

Ancient illustrations depict early dancers
ritual dances in prehistory in Middle East

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1. Prehistory - When Does History Begin?

2. Old Stone Age. Paleolithic Hunter Gatherers

3. Neolithic Life and Culture

4. Comparison of Paleolithic / Neolithic People

5. Mesoamerica. The Olmecs (Rubber People)

In-Depth Information
The Iceman - Tisenjoch Glacier Mummy

More Information
Human Tree Might Have a New Branch - New Fossil

Ancient Engravings Depict Dancing 9000 Years Ago

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| Ancient Egypt | Greece | Rome |
| Medieval History | Renaissance and Reformation |
| Exploration | National Monarchies |
| The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment |
| Colonial America and American Revolution |
| The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era

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